Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blaster Box Break - 2007 Ultra (Packs 1-3)

Last Saturday I went to Wal-Mart with my family and took a stoll down the card isle to discover that they had some blaster boxes marked 50% off. 6 packs for less than 5 bucks, that's hard to pass up, so I picked up 2, 2007 Ultra Blasters. This post will delve into the contents of the first 3 packs of the first box. Here we go!

Pack #1

Andruw Jones - Great photo! Love that we get to see all of Mr. Jones and his bat in the photo. I like the teammate on deck with the bat on his shoulder and dirt all over his pants. I love the empty catchers glove popping indicating that Andruw has just driven this ball to deep left field.

Derek Jeter - Gotta show some love to a World Champion.

Carlos Zambrano - Feel the Game insert

Pack #2

Scott Kazmir - Great photo! The back of the card reveals that Kazmir, after just 3 seasons had become Tampa Bay's all-time K leader. Congratulations Mr. Kazmir.

Pack 3

Trever Hoffman - All-time Saves leader and Barry Zito - 2002 AL Cy Young Award Winner

Francisco Rodriguez and Bronson Arroyo - Gotta love the high leg kick

Cal Ripken Jr. - Ultra Ironman insert #UIM21


  1. Is it the scans or are the names impossible to read?

  2. It's the scans. The names are in foil and so they don't scan well.