Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pack Break - 2009 SP

I went to California last week and picked up a couple of packs and a blaster at a K Mart. The first pack I bought was a 2009 SP baseball pack. I hadn't bought an 2009 SP yet and just wanted to see what it was like. I will post on my other purchases shortly. All cards are available for trade if anyone is interested.

Mariano Rivera - The greatest postseason reliever of all-time.

David Wright - Found this little tidbit on his Wikipedia page, "In May 2007, Vitamin Water was sold to the Coca-Cola Corporation for $4.1 billion. As part of his endorsement deal, Wright was given 0.5% of the company, and thus netted approximately $20 million from the deal.

Dustin Pedroia Faces of the Game insert - 2007 ROY and 2008 AL MVP - Impressive

Francisco Rodriguez - "Francisco, that's fun to say." - Elf

Justin Morneau - 2006 AL MVP

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