Saturday, December 19, 2009

2007 Topps Co-Signers on the Trading Block (no autos)

A few years ago I purchased a hobby box of 2007 Topps Co-Signers. The auto are long gone, but I still have the base cards and some other inserts if anyone is interested. The base set is 100 cards. I have 52 base cards if you want to collect the set, or if you only want a certain player or team, just let me know. I made a list of the cards by number, but I also listed the player and team to make it easy for you. Let me know if you are interesed in trading. Leave a comment with your contact information or send me an email at daniel24303 at gmail dot com.

Here is an example of what the base cards look like.

Here is the list of base cards that I have available for trade.

2 Jared Weaver Angels

3 Brian McCann Braves

4 Garrett Atkins Rockies

5 Travis Hafner Indians

7 Curtis Granderson Tigers

9 Chien-Ming Wang Yankees

11 Freddy Sanchez Pirates

13 Jim Edmonds Cardinals

17 Troy Glaus Blue Jays

18 Kenji Johjima Mariners

23 Mark Teahan Royals

25 Alex Rodriguez Yankees

26 Mike Mussina Yankees

27 Jason Bay Pirates

30 Rich Harden A's

31 Justin Morneau Twins

35 Vladimir Guerrero Angels

37 Felix Hernandez Mariners

42 Jimmy Rollins Phillies

43 Raul Ibanez Mariners

44 Jorge Cantu Devil Rays

45 Michael Young Rangers

46 Austin Kearns Nationals

48 Mark Teixeira Rangers

50 David Wright Mets

51 Justin Verlander Tigers

52 Nick Markakis Orioles

55 Robinson Cano Yankees

56 Jon Lieber Phillies

59 Grady Sizemore Indians

61 Paul Lo Duca Mets

62 Cole Hamels Phillies

64 David Eckstein Cardinals

65 Carlos Zambrano Cubs

66 Scott kazmir Devil Rays

70 Pedro Martinez Mets

71 Jack Wilson Pirates

72 Joe Mauer Twins

78 Jose Contreras White Sox

79 David DeJesus Royals

80 Bobby Abreu Yankees

81 John Smoltz Braves

83 Mark Buehrle White Sox

86 Jim Thome White Sox

88 Jeremy Bowers Indians

93 Johnny Damon Yankees

95 Kei Igawa Yankees

96 Delmon Young Devil Rays

97 Jeff Baker Rockies

98 Michael Bourn Phillies

99 Ubaldo Jimenez Rockies

100 Andrew Miller Tigers

These are some sort of numbered parallel cards. The Miller is numbered 003/275 on the back. The Baker is numbered 165/225 on the back.

The Igawa is numbered 095/275 on the back. The Mussina is numbered 149/299 on the back.

These are a red parallel version and do not scan very well. The Delgado is numbered 015/199 on the back. The Peavy is numbered 005/199 on the back.

This is a blue parallel version. Again, it does not scan well. It is numbered 002/150 on the back.

The box topper was a 2 card pack featuring the Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 insert cards. I got home runs 178 and 193.


  1. I'd dig the Delmon Young and Andrew Miller. What would you be looking for in return?

  2. I collect the D-Backs so just something comparable. Do you mean the regular Andrew Miller RC or the numbered parallel?