Saturday, December 19, 2009

My only 1 of 1

A few years ago I purchased a hobby box of 2007 Topps Chrome. I pulled a Mickey Mantle Story Magenta Printing Plate 1 of 1 card. Now I realize that some people don't consider printing plates 1 of 1's because there are really 4 cards (one of each color - black/cyan/magenta/yellow). The 2007 Mickey Mantle Story set consists of 40 different cards, so if you take those 40 cards and multiple that times 4 for each of printing plate color, you actually end up with 160 1 of 1's, that are pretty much the same. So my only 1 of 1 is not really as special as it first seemed that afternoon, several years ago when I pulled it. The time has come for me to part with it. I will be putting it up on ebay tomorrow, with the hope that it will bring in a significant portion of what it will take me to get a Mantle bat card to add to my 500 Home Run Club bat card collection. I just wanted to do a post about it before I no longer own it.


  1. cool. I've only ever pulled one printing plate. A topps total Tampa Bay Devil Rays Hideo Nomo Magenta.

    You win.

  2. <----- never pulled a printing plate :(