Thursday, December 24, 2009

My thoughts on a trade with Thoughts and Sox

Adam of the blog Thoughts and Sox contacted me to arrange a trade. He would send D-Backs and I would send Red Sox. He sent me a nice stack of Diamondbacks of which I will feature a few of my favorites. Adam, I am still working on putting your package together, but it will go out shortly. I had to buy a bigger padded envelope so I could send more cards. Thanks again Adam!

2004 Topps Season Highlight card of Randy Johnson's Perfect Game - I remember sitting in my car in a grocery store parking lot so I could listen to Johnson get his perfect game.

2004 Topps Season Highlight card of Randy Johnson's 4000th Strikeout - Adam sent me two of these cards. The bottom one has been folded down the middle. It's hard to see it in the scan. Not sure why it had been folded.

A couple of Brandon Webb cards - Webb is my favorite D-Back right now and I am excited to see him pitch again in 2010.

2008 Topps Chris Young - High fives mean a D-Backs victory!

A couple of Max Scherzer Rookie Cards - I'm sad to see Max go, but I wish him luck in Detroit!

2009 O-Pee-Chee Justin Upton - I already have this card, but I wanted to show it because I love the fans on the card. I know right where this is a Chase Field and I think it is a great picture of a great catch and the fans expressions are priceless.

Finally, two cards of D-Backs players that I didn't have have. I'm trying to collect one card of every player who has played for the Diamondbacks.


  1. That second Johnson came out my sons collection. He is 10, so in 05 he was only 5; that shoud explain the second Johnson card's condition. I hope you found some stuff in there you didn't already have.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks Adam! I will get your package out either today or Saturday.