Thursday, June 24, 2010

Card Shop Purchase - 6/24

I stopped by the card shop today on the way home from work. I spent $3.00, the cost of and pack. What did I get for my $3.00 you ask? An auto and 4 numbered cards. The Webb I picked up to add to my Brandon Webb collection. The other cards were just so cheap I couldn't pass them up.

2003 Yankee Signature Series Pride of New York STEVE BALBONI Auto

2008 Ultimate Collection PRINCE FIELDER #'d 286/350

2008 Topps Opening Day BRANDON WEBB, RYAN BRAUN & TIM LINCECUM all #'d out of 2199


  1. I have some Webb cards you might be interested in. Shoot me an email
    nrmtblog (at)

  2. 3 Bucks!! - good deal - bonus points for finding them at a card shop. Any on card auto is worth $3 on its own. And I hate to admit I do like that Yankee Sig Series line.