Sunday, June 13, 2010

Would you ever knock on someone's door and ask for an autograph?

Would you ever knock on someone's door and ask for an autograph? I was in Las Vegas this past week for my nephew's high school graduation. He went to Las Vegas High School, the same school that Bryce Harper, this years #1 Draft Pick attended before dropping out after his sophomore year so that he could get his GED and enter the MLB draft 2 years early. My brother's family know the Harper family a little bit, but apparently they aren't comfortable getting his autograph, because the last time they were down visiting I gave them a baseball and Beckett to try to get signed, but they haven't. While in Vegas, we were headed back to my brother's house and I asked my nephews to show me where Bryce Harper lived, so we drove by his house. My nephews and wife wanted me to walk up and knock on the door and ask for his autograph right then and there. I thought that would be a bit stalker-ish, so I said no. We went back to my brothers house and I convinced my nephew to call the Harpers and see if Bryce was there and ask if we could come over to get an autograph. He called, but no one answered. We had to leave early the next morning, so alas I still do not have a Bryce Harper autograph.

Have you ever knocked on someones door and asked for an autograph? Would you if you had the opportunity?


  1. personally, I think you made the right call. A person's home is a private area.

    if he's out front mowing the lawn, well that may be different. But no knocking on the door...

  2. I'll agree with Cap. Canuck here.

  3. The only way I'd go to somebody's house, knock on their door and ask for a signature is if I had a job with UPS. :)

    You definitely made the right call.

  4. In my non-blogging persona, I work for a company where I make house visits for service/repair calls. Since I live in a city with an NFL team, I sometimes find myself at the house of one of that team's players. As a professional, I'd never bother asking for an autograph (and when the time comes to sign the workorder, it's almost always signed by an assistant/spouse or somebody else anyway).

    A person's home should be a place where he can decompress, I wouldn't want to disturb that.

  5. When I lived in Vegas, I only came across three sports stars directly...Frank Thomas, Jason Giambi and Leila Ali. All were very accomodating as they were shopping in my store but that was a public place of business. They all lived there too, I knew where they lived, I helped deliver furniture to one of their houses but never once, did I ask. It's just something I couldn't do.