Sunday, June 6, 2010

The D-Train delivers in Arizona

I inherited $300 worth (6 - $50 tickets) of tickets to yesterdays Diamondbacks game against the Colorado Rockies. Thanks Brent! They were great seats and the D-Backs won! What more could you ask for? Well how about seeing the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis, in his Diamondbacks pitching debut. I thought he pitched well, giving up 5 hits and 4 walks in 6 shutout innings. He also got a single in his first at bat of the season and scored the Diamondbacks first run of the game on a headfirst slide in a play at the plate.

The D-Backs bullpen came in in the 7th inning and gave up 3 runs, but the D-Backs were able to hold on for a 4-3 victory. I took my 4 year old to the game and was a little nervous because he has never been to an entire MLB game before. The first couple of innings were brutal, but once he got some popcorn and a hot dog he settled down. We all got D-Backs batting helmets as the promotional giveaway for the game and the D-Backs were running a promotion where if you turned in 25 completed All-Star ballots then you got a Justin Upton / Dan Haren 2009 All-Star lithograph, so I got one of those. It's pretty sweet! I'll try to post a picture of it soon. The Diamondbacks have a serious 2 game win streak going on right now. Ubaldo Jimenez, (10-1, 0.78 ERA) today's starting pitcher for the Rockies had better watch out!

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