Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prize from Play at the Plate - Allen & Ginter Blaster

Brian over at Play at the Plate offered up a blaster of 2010 Allen & Ginter as the prize for his August contest. I was the lucky winner and recieved my prize today. I usually open one pack right after another, but with this blaster I took my time and really enjoyed myself. I would open a pack and scan the cards and then open the next pack. I really had a great time opening this very generous prize. Thanks Brian!
Pack #1

First card out of the first pack - a smiling Vladmir Guerrero. Next up is a Chris Johnson Rookie Card. Followed by James Shields, who currently has an 11 and 11 record.

Chris Davis - I love the horezontal action shots in this years Allen & Ginter!

National Animals: Cheetah / Kenya - Does anyone else find it extremly fitting that the National Animal for Kenya is the Cheetah?

TDIH - Joey Votto

Pack #2

Ryan Kennelly - holds the world record for bench pressing 1,075 lbs. Wow! Jorge Posada - classic pose. Buster Posey Rookie Card - Sweet! And former D-Back pitcher Brad Penny, a short print.

Sig Hansen Mini - Sig is the Captain of the Northwestern, one of the ships on the tv show Deadliest Catch. - I've only seen a few episodes of Deadliest Catch, but what I've seen I liked. Cool card!

TDIH - Hunter Pence

Pack #3

Another former D-Back, Carlos Quentin. Chris Pettit Rookie Card. Former D-Back and former Seatlle Mariner for that matter, Eric Byrnes. Last I heard Byrnes was playing in a softball league, collecting a the rest of his $30 million dollars from the Diamondbacks. Padres pitcher Chris Young.

World's Biggest: General Sherman (Sequoia) - I wonder if Topps got it's info from Wikipedia. The picture on the front of the card is the same picture that is on Wikipedia and all of the information on the back can be found in the first paragraph.

TDIH - Chase Utley

Pack #4

Hoard & Rory, - former America's Got Talent semifinalists (I'll admit it, I enjoy watching America's Got Talent. Although I don't remember Hoard & Rory). Nyjer Morgan - rocking his hat slightly askew. Neil Walker Rookie Card. And another former D-Back, Troy Glaus - short print. Glaus is having a solid year with Atlanta.

Chris Coghlan A&G Mini

TDIH - CC Sabathia

Pack #5

Franklin Gutierrez - I wonder what he's thinking about?. Sig Hansen - full size version of the mini from pack #2. Matt Kemp with the ever popular bat behind the back pose, which just might turn out to be my next focus after I reach my cards with players holding multiple bats goal.

Nick Markakis - Topps should do a whole set of horizontal action shots like this one.

World's Wordsmiths: Homer

TDIH - Josh Hamilton

Pack #6

Area 51 - Great card! Sergio Santos Rookie Card. Asdrubal Cabrera - short print.

CC Sabathia - Another great card!

Betelgeuse Black Bordered Mini - The ninth-brightest star in the sky. (My first 2010 Black Bordered Mini)

TDIH - Jonathan Broxton

Pack #7

Kevin Millwood - I remember when he pitched his no-hitter back in 2003, haven't heard much about him since. And one of the Molina brothers, Bengi Molina.

Brad Hawpe - Horezantal action shot - need I say more!

Baseball Sketches: Mariano Rivera - Records 500th Save

Monsters of the Mesozoic: Stegosaurus - As a kid I used to really like dinosaurs. The Stegosaurus was my favorite.

TDIH - Derrek Lee

Pack #8

Robert Scott - Negro League Baseball Player. The first Negro League card I have gotten from 2010 Allen & Ginter. Chase Headly, with the rare one-handed bat over the shoulder pose. Colby Rasmus, looking really bored. Akinori Iwamura - short print and a walking Nike advertisement.  

Ian Stewart A&G Mini

TDIH - Troy Tulowitzki


  1. Does the Hoard & Rory happen to be tradeable?

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was hoping you'd get a Strasburg mini or at least a "hit". I bought 5 blasters, including the one I sent to you, and tow of them had relic cards.

  3. Those horizontal action shots are nice. I wonder how much longer they take to stylize than the regular cards? I love that area 51 card, I wonder where you send THAT if you were to get it sign TTM?