Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Sandlot was an awesome movie and is an awesome blog!

Joe, of the blog, The Sandlot, contacted me after reading one of my posts and initiated a trade. I got his half of the deal yesterday. He sent me two Brandon Webb cards that I needed (puts me at 163 different Webb cards) and a couple of multiple bat cards for my collection. Thanks Joe!

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Brandon Webb

2006 Upper Deck Brandon Webb

2000 Ultra Brad Fullmer - I actually already have this awesome multiple bat cards. It was one of the cards that inspired me to start collecting multiple bat cards

1999 Upper Deck Ron Gant - Ever since I have started my multiple bat collection I have been somewhat torn by which cards I should actually include. I think that I have decided that the player must actually have the bats in their hands for it to be included, so while this card does show multiple bats, it won't make my collection because Mr. Gant has them in a bag and is not holding them or carrying them in his hands.

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