Saturday, August 7, 2010

TTM Success: Travis Lee

I sent a TTM autograph request to Travis Lee on July 15th and recieved my cards back yesterday, August 6th. I was really excited about this because I'm a big Diamonbacks fan and I was actually at the D-Backs first game on March 31, 1998. Travis Lee got the first hit (a single), the first home run, and scored the first run in D-Backs history during that game. I don't think I have ever sent a player 4 cards before, but I gave it a shot and Mr. Lee signed all 4 of them. His signature is pretty simple, but I think it looks great. Thanks Travis!


  1. Nice! That is definitely one of the most interesting T's I've ever seen on a signature.

  2. Nice, they came out pretty well.

  3. I sent out to him early on this year and am proud to say that I got mine back as well. Great guy, cool to say that he holds those achievements as the first home run and the first hit in Diamondbacks history