Saturday, September 4, 2010

Card Shop Pick-Up: Will "The Thrill" Clark

I'm on a very limited card buying budget right now, so today I headed over to the card shop with a buddy of mine and looked around for a while. I pulled these three Will Clark jerseys out of a box of relics and autos that were $2 each. I just couldn't pass them up. Each is numbered, and it's Will "The Thrill" Clark for goodness sakes. My friend ended up buying a hobby box of 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball and got a Hot Box, 16 jersey and autographs in one box.


  1. Can't turn down a deal like that! Will was on the cover of the first Beckett I had back in 1988!

    What was your friend's best pull from the basketball box? -Andy

  2. There wasn't anything spectacular in the Upper Deck box but he got a couple of nice jerseys including Shaq, Camelo Anthony, and Chris Paul. All the auto's were rookies and there was no body all that great, but it was still cool to see a hot box!

  3. $2!!! I'm super jealous! My local card shop would still be pricing those at Beckett plus. I need to go on a road trip to all the card shops where you guys pick up these great deals.