Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Card Show Purchases Part 2: Random Rookies

I picked up a few random rookie cards at the show as well. Again, these were all in the 5 for $1 boxes.

1992 Bowman Cliff Floyd - Just an awesome photo! I love everything about, from the purple shorts to the dunking of the baseball!

2005 Topps Chrome Carlos Gonzalez - Carlos is having such a great season that I saw this and just had to have it, especially for 20 cents!

1999 Bowman Chrome David Eckstein - I've always liked Eckstein so I decided to add this to my collection!

1990 Topps Frank Thomas - Not sure how I didn't already have this card, but I am happy to have it now. I have almost bought it a few times recently, but this time I pulled the trigger!

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