Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Larry Fitgerald - In Person Auto

I would say that 99% of my posts are baseball related, but last night I had the opportunity to meet Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals. Larry's numbers are down this year because of the Quarterback situation here in Arizona, but I still think that he's the best Wide Receiver in the NFL. He was signing at a Dillard's store here in Phoenix. If you bought $50 worth of Perry Ellis merchandise then you got a football for him to sign. I waited in line for 2+ hours but walked away with a nice Fitzgerald autograph! (And no that is not me lurking around the corner.)


  1. That's pretty cool that you got to meet Larry. I remember watching that guy at Pitt. He is the best WR in the NFL. Cool auto!

  2. Not bad espescially since you can just return the merchandise later... um... not that I would ever do that.