Sunday, February 6, 2011

My first look at 2011 Topps

I know, I know. I'm a little late. Oh well. On Thursday I stopped at Target to see if they had any 2011 Topps, but they didn't. So I went to another Target and they had rack packs and regular packs. I picked up a rack pack and here are the highlights. All cards, except the two D-Backs, are up for trade. leave me a comment if you are interested. Thanks!

Arizona Diamondbacks Team Card - great shot of (l to r) La Roche, Young, Upton, Reynolds and Drew.

Miguel Montero - I like the design of the base set. It's clean and features all relevant information (name, team, position) and I like the baseball's 3-D effect.

*Claimed* Diamond Anniversary Parallel Kevin Gregg - I don't know what to think about these yet. Really it's just another parallel.

60 Years of Topps Roy Campanella - Love the concept, but when are they going to run out of cards to do this for.

60 Years of Topps The Lost Cards Stan Musial - Great idea for a set!

Diamond Duos Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera - Don't like these unless the two players are esily conected.

* Claimed* Kimball Champions Victor Martinez - Like these, but don't have the patience to put together a 150 card insert set.

Target Red Diamond Jimmie Foxx - I like the idea of this insert set, but can't stand this particular card.

Topps 60 Troy Tuluwitzki - Not sure how they came up with each category. For instance this card features Slugging from Clean-Up Spot 2005 -2010, seems pretty random to me.


  1. Love the Montero card, a future classic, that one.

    I'd be interested in the Kevin Gregg shiny and the V-Mart mini. If you can toss those aside for me, we'll figure something out. Thanks!

  2. I'm interested in any and all of the diamond parallel cards (i'm going for the complete set) - email me if interested in trading please!