Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New additions to my 500 Home Run Club Bat Collection (Ruth and A-Rod)

Here are a couple of eBay purchases that I made last week, that I got in the mail yesterday. By adding these two, I now only need a Jimmie Foxx Bat Card to complete my 500 Home Run Club Bat Card Collection. The Ruth is the card that I posted about last week, saying that I had spent more on this single card than any other card since getting married almost 7 years ago. I had to put a bunch of cards up on eBay to please the wife. Okay, she wasn't really pleased, but at least she didn't kill me. I'm really happy about the Ruth card because it's the card that I wanted for this collection and I think that I got it for a great price. Now only one more to go.

2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers BABE RUTH Bat

2001 Upper Deck Sweet Spot ALEX RODRIGUEZ Bat

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  1. SWEET CARD! Incredible pickup! And nice A-Rod too :)