Friday, April 20, 2012

Card Show Tomorrow

I'm going to a card show tomorrow. I'll be having Justin Upton sign a 2011 All-Star Baseball. I just saw today that Jim Palmer will be there as well. It's $39 for Palmer, which I think is pretty reasonable, but I don't know if I can spend another $50+ ($39 for the auto and $15-$17 for a ball). I do plan on trying to pick up some Ryan Roberts Gypsy Queen cards at the show. I participated in JAOB's Gypsy Queen box break and got some D-Backs base cards, but no Roberts cards, so I'll see how many different Roberts cards I can find tomorrow to add to my collection. I'm also going to look for a well loved vintage card or two that will fit into my collection (if possible rookie cards of Hall of Famers). I'll also be on the lookout for bat cards for my 3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection. Wish me luck!

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