Monday, August 27, 2012

Trade with Sports Cards Ate My Brain

Scott, from the blog Sports Card Ate My Brain, had posted some Diamondbacks trade bait on his blog a few weeks back and I contacted him about a trade. He sent me the three cards that I had asked about plus a bunch of extra shiney cards! Take a look at what he sent. Thanks Scott!

First up, the extras.


Next are the three cards that I had asked for.

2005 Leaf Josh Kroger Auto - Kroger gave me his bat one year during Spring Training, so I've wanted his auto for a while.

2003 SP Authentic Brandon Webb Rookie Card - I needed this one for my Webb collection.

2005 Topps All-Star Stitches Luis Gonzalez Jersey Card - I love game/event specific relic cards, so I was really excited to add this Gonzo card to my collection.


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  1. Scott is one of the best traders around. Glad to see he found a taker for his Diamondbacks.