Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Training Autograph Success: Cleveland Indians

I decided to give the Indians another try since I wasn't very prepared last week. We spent a couple of hours at their practice this morning and got some great autographs. My son brought his ball from last week and added a few players. he got Terry Francona, Kenny Lofton, Jason Giambi, and Carlos Santana. Here are the other autographs that we got besides those on the team ball.

First up, Mr. Kenny Lofton. I got him on an OMLB and my other son got him on a card!

Next up, Mark Reynolds!

Terry Francona as a player!

This Carlos Santana didn't turn out very well. 

Last, but not least...Jason Kipnis!


  1. Awesome. I've gotta get out there sometime.

  2. Beautiful Lofton Sweet Spot! He wouldn't SS ROMLBs at all at Dodger Stadium last year. As a matter of fact he was downright rude about signing balls.