Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trade with Cards on Cards: Part 1 (Griffey)

I got a box, yeah that's right, I said "box" of cards in yesterday from Kerry of the blog Cards on Cards. The box had 5 team bags stuffed with cards. I sent him some Cardinals cards for some Griffey cards that he had posted for trade. He sent me a stack of Griffey cards and then a hundred plus Diamondbacks cards! (these will be shown in future posts)

Griffey is my all-time favorite player. I collected him heavily from 1990 to 1999. I took a break from collecting from 2000 - 2004 and by the time I returned there was just too much Griffey stuff out there that I felt overwhelmed and so while I never stopped collecting him, I stopped buying his cards. I've decided to start building my Griffey collection again. In order to do this I need to get my Griffey PC organized. That might take a while, but I've got to get started. Here are the 17 Griffey cards that Kerry sent.

In no particular order: Two STARQUEST Parallels

I'm still not used to seeing Griffey in a White Sox uniform.

Here's a great head shot!

Here's that classic swing!

Another great shot of his swing! 

Almost 20 years after his debut and he's still an All-Star!

Nice posed shot of Griffey!

This cards corners are sharp! Most of my Post cards from the early 90's are pretty beat up, but this card looks brand new!

3... I can't remember now why he switched from 30 to 3, but there it is on his jersey, the number 3.

A couple cards of him back on the Mariners where he belongs!

Here are a couple of Mother's Cookies cards that are still in the wrappers!

This card has my two favorite players on it Griffey and Piazza! How did I not have this already!

Finally, 2 early 1990's cards that I can't believe I didn't already have. The thing about collecting Griffey is that he has about a million different cards! 


  1. Kerry is a great trade partner. Hell, I almost forgot Griffey played in Chicago until I saw this post. Good stuff man.

  2. Griffey certainly belongs is Seattle. It's the only way it should be!!

  3. I actually won a lot of Post cards on eBay a few years ago, which is where that Griffey came from. Most of them were still in the wrappers, and they totally smelled like Raisin Bran. Still. 20 year old Raisin Bran smell.