Sunday, February 24, 2013

TTM Success: Daniel Hudson

My oldest son sent out his very first ttm last week. We mailed it on Tuesday and he got it back yesterday, just 5 days later. He sent to Diamondbacks pitcher Daniel Hudson. Since I know that Hudson personalizes his ttm autographs I had my son ask for one autograph for him and another for his younger brother, Brady. So when the envelope came addressed to my son, all three of us were excited. The first card was personalized to Kolby, and so was the second one.

I decided to tweet Daniel Hudson about it. I told him how my son had sent him two cards and asked that he sign one for him and one for his brother. I sent him another tweet letting him know we would try again and thanking him for signing. Within about 5 minutes he responded with the tweet below. I thought that was pretty cool!

Daniel HudsonDaniel Hudson
@daniel24303 sorry. Some times I get in the
zone with fan mail and don’t read it right!


  1. Awesome, very cool that he responded the way he did. Out of curiosity, did you send it to Spring Training?