Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Person Autograph Success: Gerardo Parra

My friend Joe, of the blog Hello, Victory!, alerted me to an autograph signing earlier this week. Gerardo Parra was signing at the Glendale Park and Swap yesterday. It was a free signing. I took my two youngest boys (my oldest had a party at the same time). We got there about 45 minutes before the signing was supposed to start and were probably about 15 people back. Parra was supposed to be there at 11 am, but didn't arrive until 11:20 am. He was really nice though. The people in charge of the event were pretty strict about it being 1 item per person, so after we went through the line we got back in line again to get something signed for my son who couldn't be there. From what I observed though, Parra was signing anything and everything. He was really nice! My middle son got his D-Backs ball signed and then we got a few D-Backs Insiders magazines and a D-Backs postcard signed.

Parra signed the magazines in two different spots. Just curious to see what everyone likes better. Let me know.

I was really happy that they had these available because we got a bunch of these signed by different players at Fan Fest this year, but Parra wasn't one of them. 


  1. the gold glove sig is nice!

  2. Sweet autographs. I think the one on the glove looks awesome!

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