Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trade with GCRL

I completed another trade with GCRL a few weeks back. Jim and I have traded made several trades and he always finds great cards to send my way. Here are a few. Thanks Jim!

First up are some current and former D-Backs!

When I scanned these it reminded me of a kaleidoscopic.

Jim also included a card for my Cards featuring Awards and Multiple Bats collection!

Finally, here is a Steve Sax USA Rice card. Sax is the D-Backs first base coach and so I'm going to try to get him to sign this. It should be interesting to see what he says about it.


  1. Jim's a good sh*t. Both he and I living in the Twin Cities, I tend to give him polite crap about being a Dodgers fan.

  2. looking forward to seeing about saxy and his rice card. i got your email dan - i did receive the cards. i'm just backed up on trade posts! thanks for the trade!

    and topher - i'll see you at the ballpark sometime. you can pile it on while pointing out that the twinkies have a better record than the dodgers.