Sunday, May 19, 2013

White Elephant Winnings

Napkin Doon held an awesome "White Elephant" type game recently to celebrate him having 100 followers and I was lucky to be able to participate. The game was a ton of fun and he put up some great prizes. Thanks!

Here is what I got as my prize. A four card lot from 1969 Topps. The cards are not centered that great, but the corners are pretty sharp for being 40+ years old and they include some great players!

First up is a nice Ted Shows How card featuring Ted Williams showing Senators star Mike Epstein a thing or two about hitting.

Next up is a card of Hall of Famer Jim Bunning. I have to admit, I wasn't aware that Bunning player for the Pirates. 

This checklist looks brand new and features Don Drysdale.  

Finally, here is a very young, very clean cut looking Jim "Catfish" Hunter. 

Also included in with my prize was 2 packs of 1989 Score, which yielded 4 Hall of Famers! I included a scan of the back because I miss the detail that used to grace the back of baseball cards. Notice a head shot of the player, demographic information, their stats from their entire career, and an informative write-up about the player. 

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  1. Quite a good haul for a "white elephant" gift. Four HOF'ers from 1969! And the 1989 Score set is a great set. Who cares if they were overprinted -- they are still nice cards.