Friday, September 13, 2013

eBay Pick-Up: 1997 Bowman and Bowman's Best Travis Lee 3 card lot

In my last post I was upset because of an eBay auction. I purchased these three Travis Lee cards for $0.99 with Free Shipping.

The auction showed them in screw down cases and the description stated that "all three cards were in screw down cases". The cards arrived in a pwe in top loaders with no penny sleeves. I asked if I had a right to be upset. I got a lot of responses. I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. 

For me it wasn't about the screw down cases. It was the fact that the seller didn't put them in penny sleeves before putting them into top loaders and then shipped them in a pwe. The cards ended up being fine, but it bothers me that just because someone didn't get as much as they hoped for on an auction, they cut costs and risked the condition of the cards. 

Now let me talk about the cards. These cards are from 1997 Bowman and 1997 Bowman's Best and all feature Travis Lee. Lee was the #2 overall pick in the 1996 MLB Draft, but the Twins failed to offer him a contract in time and he was declared a free agent. The Arizona Diamondbacks signed him to a 4 year $10 million dollar contract before the team had even played a game. 

I remember these cards. They were the hottest thing baseball card wise in 1997 in the Phoenix area and were way out of my price range. I remember them because between Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman's Best and all the inserts and parallels, there are a ton of different cards featuring Travis in nearly the same pose. Now that the cards are cheap, I'd like to see how many versions I can pick up. If you have any please let me know and maybe we can work out a trade. Just don't send them in a pwe. Thanks!

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