Monday, September 16, 2013

In-Person Autographs from the Diamondbacks game on 9/14/13

After getting the Miguel Montero bobbleheads at the game Saturday night we headed down to the field to try to get a good spot for autographs. As we were walking up Tony Campana was signing but we didn't have anything for him to sign and he left shortly after we got there. We did meet up with Joe, from the blog Catching Rays!, and had fun hanging out with him for a while. Later on, during the game, I met briefly with Adam, from the blog Thoughts and Sox. We ended up waiting about two hours, but after the National Anthem, Paul Goldschmidt came over and signed a couple cards for us.

Gerardo Parra came over as well and signed two cards for us.

Next, Matt Davidson came over. He signed two cards for us as well.

Then Adam Eaton came over and let my oldest son take the ball out of his glove, but he didn't sign for anyone. Didi Gregorious also came over and since we didn't have any cards for him to sign my son got him to sign the ball that Eaton had given him. 

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