Friday, September 27, 2013

The Chicken

So I picked this card up out of a dime box recently at my LCS. I don't remember ever seeing it before and I thought it was cool.

After reading the back I had to google "The Baseball Bunch". I had no idea that the tv show ever existed as I was too young when it aired, but it sounds awesome! Anyone remember watching it?

Also, I thought about sending the card off to the address provided for an autograph just to see what would happen, but after doing a little research I found a current address, so I might send it there.


  1. Oh, the puns on the back of the card just made me groan out loud. Pretty neat card though! Let us know if you decide to send it off for a TTM.

  2. I've seen "The Baseball Bunch"... It starred Johnny Bench, The Chicken and a bunch of kids. I was a little TOO old for it, as I was in high school at the time, but it was baseball-related so I ended up watching a couple. It was pretty good for a kids show. You can probably find clips on YouTube.

  3. I loved The Baseball Bunch, they had pro players on all the time and you can never dislike a show that stars Johnny Bench and the San Diego Chicken.

  4. Absolutely loved The Baseball Bunch. Head over to YouTube... there are clips and I think at least one full episode. I grew up watching that on Saturday mornings during the early 80's.

    By the way... nice dime box find. Those 1982 to 1984 Donruss Chicken cards are awesome!