Sunday, December 7, 2014

2011 Topps Update All-Star Stitches

I got to attend the 2011 MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star game so this is a set I'm trying to put together. So far I've got 21/75. 

AS-1 Jose Bautista 
AS-2 Alex Avila 
AS-3 Robinson Cano 
AS-4 Adrian Gonzalez
AS-5 Curtis Granderson
AS-6 Josh Hamilton
AS-7 David Ortiz
AS-8 Carlos Quentin
AS-9 Jered Weaver
AS-10 Tim Lincecum
AS-11 Gio Gonzalez
AS-12 Brandon League
AS-13 Alexi Ogando
AS-14 Chris Perez
AS-15 Justin Verlander
AS-16 David Robertson
AS-17 Michael Young
AS-18 Kevin Youkilis
AS-19 Josh Beckett
AS-20 C.J Wilson
AS-21 Adrian Beltre
AS-22 Asdrubal Cabrera
AS-23 Miguel Cabrera
AS-24 Michael Cuddyer
AS-25 Jacoby Ellsbury
AS-26 Matt Joyce
AS-27 Howie Kendrick
AS-28 Paul Konerko
AS-29 Justin Upton
AS-30 Jhonny Peralta
AS-31 Brian McCann
AS-32 Prince Fielder
AS-33 Rickie Weeks

AS-34 Lance Berkman
AS-35 Matt Kemp
AS-36 Heath Bell
AS-37 Tyler Clippard
AS-38 Pablo Sandoval
AS-39 Roy Halladay
AS-40 Joel Hanrahan
AS-41 Jair Jurrjens
AS-42 Clayton Kershaw
AS-43 Craig Kimbrel
AS-44 Cliff Lee
AS-45 Troy Tulowitzki
AS-46 Jonny Venters
AS-47 Joey Votto
AS-48 Brian Wilson
AS-49 Jay Bruce
AS-50 Carlos Beltran
AS-51 Starlin Castro
AS-52 Andre Ethier
AS-53 Matt Holliday
AS-54 Yadier Molina
AS-55 Miguel Montero
AS-56 Andrew McCutchen
AS-57 Hunter Pence
AS-58 Brandon Phillips
AS-59 Scott Rolen
AS-60 Gaby Sanchez
AS-61 Kevin Correia
AS-62 Russell Martin
AS-63 Jose Valverde
AS-64 Jose Reyes
AS-65 Ryan Braun
AS-66 Felix Hernandez
AS-67 Jon Lester
AS-68 David Price
AS-69 James Shields
AS-70 Matt Cain
AS-71 Cole Hamels
AS-72 Ryan Vogelsong
AS-73 Placido Polanco
AS-74 Shane Victorino
AS-75 Ricky Romero


  1. I'll look through my trade box. Almost positive I've got at least one for you.

  2. Thanks Scott! I appreciate you looking!

  3. Just shot you an email. Assuming your want list is up to date, I found one for you!