Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Package from YouTuber Alex4441

I'm on YouTube. You can check out my channel here.

I've interacted with some really great people on YouTube over the past year or so! One such person is Alex4441.

Alex collects cards and does ttms. He is a fellow D-Backs fan and offered to send me some cards. Thanks Alex!

Here are a few of the cards that he sent.

First up are some in person autographs of some D-Backs!

Alex also sent some nice D-Backs base and insert cards!

Once I get my collection organized, I'm going to start an official Randy Johnson collection.

I needed this card for my Diamondbacks Topps sets!

I need to put together a list of all my Goldschmidt cards. 

A sweet mini of Luis Gonzalez! Another D-Back that I need to start an official collection for.

We were so spoiled in the early 2000's to have Schilling and Johnson! 

The first two Putz cards are from the team issues sets and last one I needed for my Topps Diamondbacks team set. 

Alex also sent some cards of former D-Backs...D-Backs making cameos on other's cards...and cards for my mini PC's (technology and hats off for the National Anthem). Thanks again Alex! 

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