Saturday, December 13, 2014

Trade with Infield Fly Rule

Adam, of the blog Infield Fly Rule, reached out to me recently about a trade. I sent him some Rockies (not enough, after getting his package) and he sent me a bunch of awesomeness! Thanks Adam!

Here is a small sampling of what he sent.

Here are a couple of cards I needed for my Diamondbacks Topps Needs List.

This card finished off my 2007 Topps D-Backs team set!

Here a few pre-D-Backs Adam sent.

A sweet Donruss Rated Rookie RC of Randy Johnson....

...and an equally awesome Diamond King card of the Big Unit!

Here are a couple of other key members of the 2001 World Series team prior to them joining the D-Backs.

Here are couple of post-D-Backs.

I always liked Reynolds when he was with the D-Backs, despite all the strikeouts, and then meeting him in line at Chipotle one day during Spring Training when he was with the Indians kept me a fan.

Adam also sent me "some reminders to never, ever do steroids."

This one doubles as part of my doughnut mini PC. 

Adam sent a bunch of other awesome cards for my many mini PC's. Here's one for my Cards Featuring Awards collection. 

Adam also inspired a new mini PC. I already have a cameo mini collection featuring Hall of Fame players on another players cards, but Adam sent me several cards of various players/teams featuring a cameo of a D-Backs player! Not sure how I never thought of that before, but thanks Adam!

Great action shot with the helmet in mid air. Awesome!

Here's a D-Backs cameo with a former D-Back. Awesome!

Love the D-Backs dugout in the background. Awesome!

This is probably my favorite of the group, because it's an arm cameo of Ryan Roberts. Awesome! This will get added to my Ryan Roberts PC.

Adam sent me several Brandon Webb cards. I'm always excited to get Webb cards, even doubles, but getting a new Webb is even better!

This makes 282 different Brandon Webb cards for my collection!

Adam even sent me a card of my all-time favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr.

Let's finish this trade post off with a few other awesome D-Backs cards from Adam. 

This is a great looking Goldschmidt that I didn't have. Awesome!

Love the bat barrel shot on this Junior Spivey card! Thanks for all the awesome cards Adam! 

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  1. Great post! NL West cards tend to be a great source for D-backs cameos.