Friday, April 24, 2015

An unexpected package from Hot Corner Cards

Pat, of the blog Hot Corner Cards, surprised me with a box of awesome D-Backs cards, a ton of 2015 Topps cards off my list, and a few other great cards! Thank you so much Pat!

Apparently Pat has a knack for pulling Diamondbacks cards! I love how the photo on the card matches what he has written.

Here are just a couple of the D-Backs cards that Pat sent, which also included a Patrick Corbin chipz.

Notice that it's the same photo, just cropped. 

I love everything Goldschmidt, but this was really nice. I don't have many relic cards of Goldy. He just doesn't have many. Most of them are relic/auto combos. Thanks Pat!

Pat sent a couple of cards for my Cards Featuring Awards collection. 

Pat also sent a Ryan Roberts card. I really need to get a little more organized when it comes to my Roberts collection. There are a few lower end cards that I still need to get. I just need a good checklist. 

Again, thanks Pat for the awesome, unexpected package!

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