Monday, April 6, 2015

Contest Win and a Trade with Baseball Card Breakdown

Gavin, of the blog Baseball Card Breakdown, recently held a contest and I was one of the winners. I got to pick two of the magnet cards that Gavin designed and had made. Here are the two that I picked.

They are awesome! Thank you so much Gavin!

Since Griffey is my all-time favorite player, I had to go with two Griffey magnet cards. I love the 1989 Fleer/Upper Deck mash-up card and love that Gavin's blog name is incorporated into the magnet. 

This 1992 Topps inspired Griffey Jr. card shows a bunch kids from Springfield including Bart, Ralphie, and Milhouse. If only Junior could have stayed away from the Brain and Nerve Tonic. 

Gavin and I discussed a trade as well. I'll get some cards out to you soon Gavin. Thanks! 

Here is a sampling of what Gavin sent including this Dandruff Dan Garbage Pail Kids card.

Gavin also sent some of my 2015 Topps needs.

Here is a near complete D-Back team set from 2015 Heritage. I think only the SPs are missing.

There was also a nice stack of Gyspy Queen...


...and Ovation.

There was also a nice assortment of Chris Owings cards! I'm excited to see what kind of numbers Owings will put up this season!


  1. The magnets really are fantastic. Great production quality. I'd love to know how he did it!

  2. Glad you like the cards, Daniel!

    And TJ, yeah, I don't really know how exactly the magnets were made either.. I've just "got a guy" who made them for me.

  3. Good job by Paninni on that Owings Elite. You can't tell that the logos were left out.