Thursday, April 28, 2016

TTM Success: Bob Heironimus (Bigfoot)

Most of you are probably familiar with the image above. It's from a the Patterson - Gimlin Bigfoot footage that they shot in 1967 in northern California.

In 1999, Bob Heironimus came forward and claimed to be the man insider the suit.

Earlier this year my oldest son came home from school and asked me if I believed in Bigfoot. I had just recently seen a YouTube video where Caleb, of Calebs Cards, had gotten a return from Bob. We looked into it and then sent a request to Mr. Heironimus. He sent back a signed index card for me and each of my boys.

Here is the one he sent for me.

He also put a note on the back of my letter.

What do you think? Does Bigfoot exist?


  1. What a unique acquisition! Bob should just cover his foot in paint and stamp an "autograph." Of course, that wouldn't fit on an index card, I guess.

  2. Even though I don't put much stock into the claims of Mr. Heironimus, this still seems like an interesting novelty item.