Sunday, April 3, 2016

TTM Success: Todd Frazier

The 2016 MLB season starts today and I'll be at Chase Field tomorrow to watch the Diamondbacks take on the Rockies for Opening Day. Can't wait!

I thought I'd show off a recent baseball ttm return from Todd Frazier.

I picked up a 2015 All-Star Workout Day (Home Run Derby) ticket off ebay in hopes of getting Frazier to sign it at Spring Training since I live down the street from the Reds Spring Training complex and have gotten Frazier's autograph in the past.

Frazier ended up getting traded to the Chicago White Sox in the off-season, but luckily the White Sox also do Spring Training in AZ, so I took the day off work a couple weeks ago and headed over to Camelback Ranch and tried to get Frazier's autograph, but I wasn't successful. So I sent it to him in the mail and got it back a couple of days before Spring Training ended.

He personalized it, which is fine, but the spot where he personalized it wasn't great and so it looks terrible. Still, I was happy to get it back.

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