Tuesday, November 8, 2016

TTM Tuesday

Here is my latest installment of TTM Tuesday featuring all the TTM autographs I've gotten over the last week or so.

1989 Score First Night Game at Wrigley Field card signed by Manny Trillo. It's been a while since I've been able to add a card to this project, but I saw he was signing ttm and jumped at the chance to get him. Only three left now. Damon Berryhill, Darrin Jackson, and Mitch Webster. If anyone knows how I can get any of those guys, please let me know.

I'd actually sent a bunch of cards to a guy I came across on Facebook that was going to Venezuela where Trillo coaches and he was going to try to get this card signed for me, but after sending the cards, I never heard back, so it made getting him back ttm even better.

I'd sent to Sabo in the past with no luck, but I saw people start getting him back and so I sent this Stadium Club card. The Sharpie looks like it was dying, but it still turned out pretty good. 

Here's a hidden contest. If you got this far I'm going to reward you with a contest. I got an index card signed by someone. In order to qualify for the contest, please leave a comment with who you think it is and everyone that answers correctly will be entered into a drawing to win some cards from your favorite baseball team. You can only enter once and the contest will run through the end of the week with a winner being announced on Sunday the 13th. Good luck!


  1. Phil Knight - thanks for the contest! Darrin Jackson is an announcer for the White Sox, I imagine you could send a card of him there. Mitch Webster is a scout for the Royals so you could try there too.

  2. Congrats on the returns. I think Bo is right about the Phil Knight guess.