Saturday, August 5, 2017

Best Offer Accepted

I was able to get a three card lot off eBay this week for a good deal. It was listed as a BIN for $12 with $3 shipping or Best Offer. I offered $7, so the total with shipping was $10 and the seller accepted.

Here are the three cards I got. All are numbered plain jersey swatches of my favorite D-Back Paul Goldschmidt.

If an auction has a Best Offer option, do you always use it before buying? What's your best Best Offer story and your worst?


  1. I always try it because I figure it wouldn't be an option if they were firm on the list price. My best story is saving about $30 on a Lakers team set from 1984-85 Star brand. My worst story was offering for only a part of a card lot. I offered 25% of the list price for 10% of the lot. I didn't need the rest, and the best players in the lot stayed with the owner. I figured it was a win-win. But I don't think he read the notes with the details, only the price, because he replied with personal insults.

  2. I always try it as well. At the very least, I usually get the card for slightly cheaper.

  3. Nice pickups! I was watching that lot too (mainly for the archetypes relic) but decided to pass up on it for some other cards

  4. Awesome lot! Goldschmidt is having one heck of a year.