Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trade with Tim

I posted about a month ago about my Reggie Jackson PC and it resulted in a trade with Tim. Tim sent a nice sized stack of cards my way, but I'm just going to focus on 9 since I recently celebrated my 9th blog-o-versary. Thanks Tim!

Lets start with a couple of Reggie Jackson cards. I needed this 1982 Topps All-Star card.

This Topps reprint will have to tide me over until I'm able to pick up the real thing.

Two Goldschmidt Opening Day cards. The base and the blue parallel!

Love this Gonzo card!

Shelby Miller just returned to the D-Backs after being out for over a year.

The D-Backs are also getting Robbie Ray back from the disabled list this week.

Pretty sure I needed this card for the 2018 Donruss Diamondbacks team set. I have to double check.

What if Max Scherzer had stayed a D-Back?

Thanks again Tim!


  1. If Mad Max stayed a Dback? And Shelby Miller returned to form... and Robbie Ray back in the rotation... Plus Corbin and Grienke? I think it's safe to say the Diamondbacks would the most formidable rotation in MLB.

  2. What if DiDi had stayed a D'Back?
    I like how the AZ franchise scouts talent

  3. Glad to see the cards arrived safely. I will continue looking out for Diamondbacks and Reggie cards for you. Keep an eye out for Indians cards for me.