Thursday, August 2, 2018

Two Hits in One Pack

Yesterday I posted about a couple of hits I pulled recently from 2018 Topps Series II. I didn't realize until I was putting the rest of the cards away from those packs that I had another "hit" if you will. And it came in the same pack as the Sonny Gray. The Sonny gray is so thick that there were actually only 3 cards in the entire pack.

In addition to the Gray, there was this Mikie Mahtook card...

... and this Darryl Strawberry Longball Legends blue parallel, which is not numbered but is listed at 1:223 packs.

How crazy is that? Only three cards in the pack and one of them was 1:5,232 and another was 1:233. I double checked the Mahtook to make sure it wasn't a short print or parallel of some sort, but it looks like it's just a base card.

Anyone else every have a pack like that?


  1. Just a base card... LOL. That's a pretty awesome 3 card pack!

  2. Closest thing I can remember is opening up one of those Ultra hot packs back in the mid 90's where every card was an insert.