Monday, December 31, 2018

The greatest living Yankee?

Before I made my decision to trim down my collection I went to an auction at my LCS and picked up a small lot of Whitey Ford cards for $2.50. Without checking out the lot beforehand, I thought it was a good deal. After the fact, I still think I got a good deal. But do I get to keep any of them.

First up is this hand cut reprint of his Bowman rookie card. This will go in the trash. Someday I'll get a real one for my HOF RC collection.

Next up is this 1961 Topps. As far as this lot goes, it's in the best condition. It's worth the $2.50 by itself, in my opinion.

 This will go in my Topps Page-a-Year binder, but it displaced a Jim Rivera card since the page was already full. If anyone wants this Jim Rivera card, let me know.

Next up in the Whitey Ford lot is this 1962 World Series card. Another card for my Topps Page-a-Year binder. This is just my third 1962 Topps card, so I'm glad it was in the lot even though the condition is rough.

Speaking of rough condition. Here is a 1963 Topps Whitey Ford card that is missing a fairly large chunk. But that's okay, 1963 is another year that I needed more cards for the Topps Page-a-Year binder. It will do nicely for now and at some point I might upgrade it.

The final card in the lot is also from 1963, but it's a World Series highlight card. The centering is off, but it's in much better overall condition than the base card above. It will also go into my Topps Page-a-Year binder.

What do think? Did I get my $2.50 worth?


  1. I'll go ahead and answer for everybody, yes, you definitely got your money's worth!

  2. You got your money's worth at least twice over, maybe three or 4 times.

  3. Heck yeah you did! Congratulations and Happy New Year!