Saturday, December 29, 2018

Topps Page-a-Year

Back in November of 2014 I first posted about a Topps Page-a-Year project. The idea is to get one page (8 or 9 cards depending on the year) of each year of Topps cards. While I'd love to own every Topps set ever made, this gives me a glimpse into each set in an economical and space conscious way. I've been chipping away at it over the years. I started with 1952, rather than the 1951 Topps Doubles Baseball Playing Cards. Maybe I'll add them later.

Here are my current needs.

1962 - 3 cards
1963 - 5 cards
1965 - 5 cards

For now, I'll take any Topps card from the years I need. I can always upgrade along the way.

Topps Page-a-Year: 1952
Topps Page-a-Year: 1953
Topps Page-a-Year: 1954
Topps Page-a-Year: 1955

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