Friday, August 14, 2009

I need to get rid of some cards!

After a five year period away from baseball cards I started looking through some of my cards last night. I started with a 5000 count box. About half of the box ended up being basketball, hockey, and golf cards. (What was I thinking?) The other half was baseball cards that I had somewhat sorted by player at some point. Most of them are semi stars, but there are a few stars and Hall of Famers. Out of the 5000 cards there are probably only about 50 or so cards that I want to keep, so that leaves me with 4950 cards to get rid of somehow.

I sorted the baseball cards out by player and will post a list if anyone is interested in trading. This box is one of about 6 or 7, 5000 count boxes that I have and then I have a bunch of other boxes as well. Most of the stuff is from 1987 - 2003. (Lot's of high quality stuff, I know.) I would just give it away if it wasn't for the shipping costs. Anyways, please let me know if you are interested in trading. I collect the Diamondbacks and any game/event specific game used cards. Any offer will be accepted. I just want these cards to go to a good home.

I was also wondering if anyone has ever donated cards to a charity before. If you have please let me know what I should do. I just need to minimize my collection.

Here is the list of players. Also, if there is a specific team that you collect let me know. Email me at daniel24303@ Thanks!

Bobby Bonilla
Sandy Alomar Jr.
Kevin Mitchell
Andy Van Slyke
Tim Raines
Greg Vaughn
Mike Cameron
Carlton Fisk
Ryne Sandberg
Mike Hampton
Carl Everett
Fred McGriff
Dave Winfield
Ryan Klesko
Paul O'Neil
Joe Carter
Ozzie Smith
Fernando Valenzuela
Dennis Eckersley
Pedro Guerrero
David Cone
Paul Molitor
Wade Boggs
Juan Pierre
Barry Bonds
Andres Galaraga
Curt Schilling
Raul Mondesi
Ricky Botalico
Jose Canseco
Dave Righetti
Brady Anderson
Jorge Posada
Vinny Castilla
Rick Ankiel
Carlos Beltran
Frank Thomas
Jermaine Dye
Christian Guzman
Jason Kendall
JT Snow
Ken Caminitti
Dante Bichette
Jay Buhner
Davids Wells
Mark Buehrle
Steve Finley
John Franco
Joe Carter
Fernando Tatis
Tom Glavin
John Smoltz
Adrian Beltre
Bo Jackson
Rondell White
Dwight Gooden
Ivan Rodriguez
Ben Grieve
Bernie Williams
Roger Clemens
Dave Justice
Albert Belle
Juan Gonzalez
Barry Larkin
Garrett Anderson
Eric Davis
Shawn Green
Jason Giambi
Johnny Damon

As I go through more boxes, I will post additional lists of players for trade.


  1. Chances are I have a lot of the cards you have there, but I already see one Dodger I don't have. So I'd be willing to take some Dodgers for Diamondbacks if you like. I'll send you an email.

  2. I'll take Marlins and Mannywoods if you have them,plus any Big papi's too.....I have lots of D-Backs......

  3. I collect Will Clark so I'm interested in him. Also Ivan Rodriguez and possibly some other Rangers. I've also donated to charity. I'll email you late tomorrow.

  4. I wouldn't mind the Klesko cards... I probably have the Glavines and Smoltzes already...

    and you may have hockey???? Do tell sir...

  5. If you haven't already, email me your address so that we can trade. My email address is Thanks!

  6. I posted about Will Clark and Ivan Rodriguez...and then I don't think I emailed you. Do you still have "too many cards" and want to trade some? Let me know! I couldn't find your email...mine is bsniderAThuntoilDoTcom