Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mickey Mantle Documentary


I checked this documentary out from my local library this past week. From the back cover:

THE PLAYER. THE HERO. THE MAN. The almost mythic career of Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle is the subject of this acclaimed HBO Sports documentary special. Over 18 seasons with the Bronx Bombers, despite constant nagging injuries, Mantle managed to hit 536 home runs, twice hitting more than 50 in a season. What's more, he managed to hit more than 300 in ten seasons. To this day, "The Mick" remains the greatest switch-hitter in baseball history; however, behind his country charm and good looks there was his wayward lifestyle that harmed his marriage, his relationship with his four sons and ultimately his death.

Told with honesty and candor, this critically acclaimed documentary combines memorable footage along with interviews. Family, broadcaster Bob Costas, who delivered the eulogy at Mantle's funeral, teammate Bobby Murcer, plus Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner all provide compelling commentary.


I thought this was a great documentary on "The Mick". It included footage of where he grew up, interviews with him during his playing days, old commercials he was in, his wife and sons speaking about their relationship with their husband and father, and former teammates including, Whitey Ford, talked about all the fun they had before, during, and after games. It was only 58 minutes long, I could have watched for at least another hour.

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