Friday, August 7, 2009

TTM Success - Bobby Doerr

Bobby Doerr, Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, signed both of the cards I sent and returned them to me in just 6 days! Thanks Mr. Doerr!


  1. 6 Days, that's fast. He has a great looking signature, and you can't beat a "HOF 86" inscription.

    I may have to pick up those signature cards they look really good in the scans, are they as nice physically?

  2. I like them a lot. I initially got them for when I am at a game and someone is signing but I don't have an actual card of them, but I don't get to go to very many games so I have just been sending them out occassionally as a second card when doing TTM autographs. I orderd them from

  3. Great TTM...... Mr.Doerr has a great return rate. And he's a class act.