Saturday, October 31, 2009

The same fans on two different cards from two different years

Earlier this week I did a post on how Topps removes umpires and blurs fans faces on their cards while Upper Deck does not. The Topps card that I scanned for the post was a 2004 Topps card of Baltimore Oriole Larry Bigbie #453. I was going through some other cards and I came accross another Topps card that not only had the umpire removed but the catcher was also removed. This card is a 2005 Topps card of Baltimore Oriole Jay Gibbons #103.

Something that I found even more interesting than no umpire and no catcher is the fact that the same fan is featured on both cards. But wait, if Topps blurs out the faces of fans then how do I know its the same fan? Well the fan is wearing the exact same clothes on both cards.

When you look at the cards, the fan is to the right of the batter wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. He has a hat on and is drinking a beer. Seated to his right is a boy wearing a bright orange t-shirt. So how can this be explained? Topps must have used a photo taken in 2004 for both the 2004 and 2005 cards. Maybe? But if you look at the rest of the fans on both cards, they are all different. So the photos must be from two different games right? Well what are the odds of these two fans wearing the exact same clothes to two different games? I really don't know how to explain this. I did find it really interesting though. I would love to hear any other theories about how these two fans wearing the same clothes ended up on Topps cards from 2004 and 2005 on photos taken during what appears to be two different games.

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  1. That is absolutely astounding. So much of the background of the Gibbons doesn't make looks like there is a rail that ends directly behind him. And look at this...the bottom left corner of the fan section has the left shoulder of someone wearing an orange shirt with some stripes. Now look at the Bigbie card. See the same shirt in the top right? I think there is something very spooky going on here.