Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1970 Fleer World Series Cards

Two days into the new year and I add 1000+ cards to my collection. 1000+ more cards to organize. At least they were all baseball. Plus I got them for $3, so it was too hard to pass up. I'll show off a few of the cards over the next couple of days.

I did come accross some cards that I didn't know existed that I think are pretty cool. They are 1970 Fleer World Series cards. I had no idea that Fleer was making cards before 1981. I bought 2 lots of cards tonight at an auction at my LCS and in one of the lots was 16 of these 1970 Fleer World Series cards. The back of the cards say 1968, but after a quick eBay search I discovered that they are from 1970. It's a 66 card set that features a card for every World Series played from 1903 - 1969. This would be a really cool set to collect. The cards I got though are in really rough shape. Here is one of the cards.

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