Thursday, January 24, 2013

eBay Pick-Up: 2007 Sweet Spot Chris Young Leather Auto 18/25

I picked up this 2007 Sweet Spot Chris Young Leather Auto numbered 18/25 off eBay recently for $5.00 with $3.50 shipping. I was willing to pay $8.50 for the card, but was disappointed when I opened the package and found the card placed in a penny sleeve that was cut down the side (because it's too thick to fit into a regular penny sleeve) and then folded up in the invoice. I couldn't believe that it wasn't shipped in at least a toploader. There are a couple of chips across the top of the card above where it says Sweet Spot, but overall it's in good shape. It's just frustrating to pay $3.50 for shipping and handling and have it show up like that.

1 comment:

  1. That is frustrating. I can usually get a card like that shipped in a penny, top loader, with thin cardboard on either side, and in a bubble mailer for about $2.

    Regardless, it's still a pretty sweet card.