Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Just Because from Moe (My 2008 Topps Set Blog): Part 1

Moe, of the blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog, contacted me the other day about sending me some cards just because...well...because he's a great guy! I like to think that I'm a great guy too, so be on the look out Moe for a package from me sometime in the near future. His note said that he had set aside a few of the extra Diamondbacks cards that other bloggers had sent him recently. I looked at the bag of cards and saw this Doug Davis card on top and thought it was strange. Davis had played for the D-Backs, but this was a Rangers card. When I took out the stack of cards I discovered that the "To: Dan - From: Moe" was not written on the bag, but it was written on the Doug Davis card! Awesome!

In his note, Moe also said "Hopefully there's a few Webb's here or something you don't have." Behind the Doug Davis card were 15 Brandon Webb cards. Out of the 15, I needed 11 of them. Again, awesome! Here are the 11 I needed and the last one is one that I already had, but it's a 2003 SP Authentic Rookie Card numbered to 2003. Awesome! I'll gladly take a double of that one! 


  1. Hi Dan. I'm glad I was able to help add to you're Brandon Webb collection. Go D-Backs!