Saturday, January 5, 2013

Best work white elephant gift EVER!

A week or so before Christmas we had a white elephant gift exchange at my work. If you are not familiar with how a white elephant gift exchange works, allow me to explain. Everyone brings a wrapped gift and places them in a pile. Each person then draws a number, 1 through the total number of people that are participating in the gift exchange. Then the person with the #1 picks a gift fro
m the pile and opens it. The person with #2 then takes their turn. They can steal the #1's gift or open a new one. Then it's #3's turn and they can steal any gift available or open a new gift. Gifts can only be stolen 3 times. A gift can't be stolen after that. Hopefully you get the idea.

In my work white elephant gift exchange I drew #1, so I couldn't steal anything and had to open a present. This is what I opened.

My only hope was that someone would steal it from me and I could have a shot at a different gift, but nobody stole it from me and I was stuck with a Lint Lizard.
So you're probably wondering why the title of my post says "Best work white elephant gift EVER!" Well, a few days after the gift exchange I was at Wal-Mart and noticed that they sold the Lint Lizard, so the next day I returned the Lint Lizard to Wal-Mart and got $11 and some change in store credit. The gift card was then used to buy some cold medicine for my wife who was sick at the time. In my mind though that $11 and some change was mine to get whatever I wanted. Here's what I picked up from eBay a few days later for $10.06 shipped.
2012 Topps Mini Ryan Roberts Yellow Printing Plate 1 of 1
I actually already had the gold (Thanks to Tom of Waiting 'til Next Year!)and platinum parallels and I picked up the base card from So here is the base, gold, platinum, and a printing plate.
2012 Topps Mini Ryan Roberts #173
2012 Topps Mini Ryan Roberts Gold #173 serial numbered 25/61
2012 Topps Mini Ryan Roberts #173 Platinum serial numbered 1/5
2012 Topps Mini Ryan Roberts #173 Yellow Printing Plate serial numbered 1/1


  1. Wow.

    I have a pet bunny who likes to shed, so I was about to offer to trade for that Lint Lizard!

  2. That's cool! I've never held one of those, are they metal?
    I got a cool little pair of binoculars at our company white elephant this year. I was actually happy with it for once.

  3. haha, excellent maneuvering there and congrats on the sweet plate addition!