Sunday, April 14, 2013

eBay Pick-Up: 1954 Topps Gus Zernial

I couldn't sleep one night about a month ago so I started browsing eBay on my phone and came across a couple of 1954 Topps cards from the same seller that were about to end and were really cheap. I put in a couple of low bids, hoping to win them both and do combined shipping. I went to sleep and when I woke up I checked and I had only won one of the auctions. I got it for $0.54 plus $1.50 shipping. It was this 1954 Topps Gus Zernial card.As you can see, it's in pretty rough shape, but I still like it.

I did a little research and found out a few things about Mr. Zernial. Gus hit 7 home runs during a four game span back in 1951. He hit six in the first 3 games and had his picture taken with six balls nailed to his bat - this photo was used for his 1952 Topps card. He hit his 7th home run the next day. I don't have the 1952 Topps card, but I'd like to pick one up someday.

He was also the first player to hit three home runs in the final game of the regular season. He was also the first player to hit 4 home runs during the regular season in October when he hit 2 home runs in each game of a doubleheader on October 1, 1950.

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