Friday, April 12, 2013

TTM Success: Heath Bell

Today is the 12th of April and my last post was on March 31st. I'm way behind and need to catch up here on my blog. Let's get started! Here is a TTM return that we got in yesterday from Diamondbacks reliever Heath Bell. Bell had a rough first appearance with the D-Backs this year, but looked much better the last time he pitched. He signed these three cards for my son. Not sure why he signs sideways or why he uses a purple Sharpie (I've seen others get him with a purple Sharpie). The 2013 Topps card looks pretty good with the sideways signature, but the other two look pretty bad. I should start keeping track of what cards we send out because I don't remember sending the Gypsy Queen card. Oh well, we were all still happy to get the cards back signed!

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